Mutual Boiler Re Newsletter
Volume 13, Issue 3

Mary Menkins

As businesses grow, relocate and even close, a building’s landscape shifts to accommodate occupancy. These changes affect a building and can even increase the risk of a potential hazard. The pandemic has further intensified these changes with buildings sitting vacant for long periods of time. Our feature article, A Changing Main Street, looks at three risk areas that can impact a building during these occupancy changes. While the Geared Towards Loss Prevention article highlights the importance of using thermography to help identify hidden electrical problems before they become more difficult to manage.

Our new Risky Business infographic explores how the pandemic and other trends have affected the rise in construction costs.

We’re also excited to showcase the recently launched MBReOnline partner portal. The updated portal features enhanced controls making it easier to access Mutual Boiler Re equipment breakdown services and solutions. Check out the Welcome Video to learn more.

Operations Vice President,
Underwriting Manager