Mutual Boiler Re Newsletter
Volume 13, Issue 2

Dirk Smith

With equipment failures on the rise, the potential impact and business consequences can be costly. Understanding how to manage equipment risk through preventive and predictive maintenance is key to preserve the value of equipment and reduce unexpected downtime. Our feature article on the Importance of Preventive Maintenance, highlights the benefits of routine equipment maintenance and the potential consequences of not having a plan in place. In Equipment Failure Catalyzes Losses we look at three ways to use data to help prevent equipment failure. And our new Risky Business infographic explores how thermography can identify problems in a building’s electrical distribution system before they become more difficult to manage.

Over a year into the pandemic and businesses continue to be impacted by COVID-19. The insurance community is no exception, with the state of the market being a regular discussion item. In The Effect of COVID-19 on the Property Insurance Market we analyze the state of the insurance market and how the pandemic will affect future trends.

We are also examining the potential electrical hazards of remote work and offering maintenance tips to minimize loss in the Geared Towards Loss Prevention article.

It is our pleasure to share Gears in Motion with you. We hope you find this issue to be very insightful. Enjoy!

Operations Vice President,
Engineering Manager
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